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Daily Maintenance of Buildings

This involves the cleaning of common areas i.e. Lobbies, Corridors, Toilets, Staircases, Windows, Glass partitions and Parking’s.  This is done on a daily basis with work starting at 6.30 a.m. The early start ensures that by the time the offices open at 8.00 a.m. the corridors, lobbies and staircases are done thus not inconveniencing the office ocupants.

The work specification include:

Reception/Lift Lobby/Staircase and Fire Escape Stairs:

  • Floors – Mop twice daily. More often in wet season. Strip and disinfect once weekly.
  • Staircase balustrade and glasses – Clean and polish once daily.
  • Walls and ceiling – wipe with detergent to remove all marks and stains, remove cobwebs, and wipe all fire extinguishers.
  • Cigarette cans and dustbins – empty cans and clean twice daily.
  • Reception – Desks and related accessories – dust/wipe every morning and remove stains, clean and disinfect telephone heads daily, dust chairs every morning and shampoo the fabric bi-monthly.

Lift Cars/Escalators:

  • Floors, doors and walls – cleaned twice daily, to manufactures specifications.
  • Call buttons – clean and disinfect twice daily.
  • Tube light compartments and air conditioning dusting daily.
  • Mirrors – clean with detergent daily.


  • Mop floor and disinfect twice daily, ensuring its always completely dry.
    • Basins, sinks, urinals and cisterns are:
    • Cleaned and disinfected twice daily
    • Supply sufficient mothballs, air fresheners, toilet paper and dispenser soap daily
    • Flush all soap dispensing units once weekly
    • Cisterns are cleaned once a month with due care
    • Door handles, push plates (main doors/cubicles) are cleaned daily and disinfected twice weekly
    • Any system failure causing leakage/spillage of water in any of the areas is reported to the caretakers immediately.
Windows, Window Latches and Grilles:
  • Windows are dusted once daily and cleaned weekly.  Latches are cleaned daily and lubricated once monthly. Grilles dusted daily and cleaned weekly.  Where external windows are cleaned, they are done once monthly or as agreed with the client.

Floor/Door Mats:

  • Cleaned twice weekly in dry weather.  Daily in wet season.  We always ensure they are dry and dust free.

Utility Rooms (generator room, lift chambers, refuse chutes etc):

  • Cleaning and disinfecting once weekly.  Refuse chute – emptying once or twice weekly.  Cleaning thoroughly and disinfecting every time it’s emptied.

Pavements/Covered Walkways and Canopies:

  • Clean the floors daily wash weekly.

Parking/Roof/General Compound

  • Sweep the parking every morning, cleaning with detergent water weekly.  Collect litter and ensure the compound is clean all the time.  Roof-sweep gutters and cleans all drains monthly or as need arises.

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